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Answering all your questions

We have put together a list of answers to your frequently asked questions. If you would like more information on any part of our service please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

What does our service provide?

We specialise in installing live monitoring camera and security systems, that are monitored 24/7 actively watching over your fitness facility. The immediate benefit is reduced costs, by removing the need for a receptionist, and once installed your members will have a flexible access solution around the clock. The service will respond immediately and keep you informed of all incidents such as unauthorised entries, Injury, theft or any suspicious activity.

Are there legal requirements when becoming unstaffed?

There is a legal requirement to show you have carried out “due diligence”. This means you have considered all risks and taken appropriate actions to reduce any risks to members. Our service significantly reduces all risks associated with unstaffed gyms. We also advise that you inform all members of the safety precautions you have in place and check with your insurance.

Can I access all systems?

Yes, access rights will be given to anyone that requires this. CCTV playback is easily viewed from smart phones, PC’s and from the recorder itself. Announcements can be made by multiple users remotely over the mobile phone network. (Mobile phone signal is required at both ends)

How many cameras would I need?

This is different with each gym, we would recommend 2 on the entry door (1 external and 1 internal) and all other high-risk areas such as cardio and weights areas.  A large area may need more than one camera to allow our team to pick up on smaller details but it is your choice how many we monitor.

Can I use my existing access system and CCTV?

Yes, we are happy to utilise any existing CCTV systems or access systems that you have in place already. We may experience difficulties in the quality of CCTV if it is an older system.  Further reductions in cost will be looked at upon the first site visit. We do not make any profit on installations making us unrivalled in value for money.

What is the process if I choose to go ahead?

  • 1. Once you have contacted us, we can arrange a zoom meeting or if you prefer, we can visit your facility. We will be able to give a full demonstration of our working system and answer any questions that you may have.
  • 2. Our expert installers will attend your site at a time that’s best for you and carry out all the installations. This is usually takes 1 day to complete.
  • 3. Once installed you will be able to view your CCTV and have full use of the secure entry system. A date can be agreed and for Secure24 to take begin Live monitoring and you can safely walk away with peace of mind.

How can I continue to gain revenue from pay on the door members and other sales?

Most gyms continue to accept pay on the door within staffed hours, these restrictions often drive-up monthly memberships and create a higher monthly income. Sales of drinks and snacks can be provided with the use of vending machines, second hand vending machines can be sourced cheaply and retro fitted with a card reader.

What’s happens if….

  • Unauthorised entry – A notification of the time will be sent via text message or email a designated person from your business. This will allow you to easily check the entry system and CCTV to raise the issue with the member.  Raising the issues is usually enough to deter others from thinking about doing the same in the future.
  • Fire, Injuries or Theft – The emergency services would be contacted immediately, followed by a designated person from your business.  The announcement system can reassure members that help is on the way or inform the criminals that the police have been contacted which would massively limit the exposure of the gym and reduce any losses
  • Any other incidents – Each business completes a custom response sheet to cover most major and minor incidents so we respond how you need us to. This will allow our team to take the appropriate action in all situations.

What's included in the set up?

  • The latest model of a patented CCTV system reduces bandwidth prior to sending. This allows remote viewing in real-time without any lag or jumpy images.
  • Secure access system that will allow you to track all members and restrict access to the hours that is right for your business if needed. Individual key fobs can be blocked in the event of a failed payment or loss.
  • 10 access fobs will be included as a standard, but more can be added if needed. We will also show you the best places to buy fobs in the future. (The sale of key fobs is an excellent additional source of income)
  • Announcement system that can allow any public announcement to be sent from anywhere. This will allow our team and you to address any issues immediately and remotely.
  • Full installation and configuration for remote monitoring.

How does the Secure Access System work?

Each member will have their own entry fob. Scanning the key fob will unlock the door. All entries will be logged on the system and can be view at any time from your gym.  Photos can be assigned to each person to enable you to easily see if it is the correct member using the fob. If a fob is lost or a member cancels their membership, the fob can be instantly cancelled to prevent further access. A full training on the software will be conducted with the set up and is easy to use, on going support is also included in our service.

What happens if any equipment fails?

If a technical problem occurred which results in a break in service, you will be contacted if it cannot be fixed remotely within 30mins, however, most problems can be fixed remotely. Any other problems we will aim to have a engineer on site within 3 days. If equipment needs to be replaced, you will not be liable and Secure 24 will cover the cost of replacements (malicious damage will not be covered).

What internet connection would I need?

We would recommend a minimum of 35mbps connection and you will also need a static IP address, this can be asked for through your provider usually at no extra cost.

Will our members know they are being monitored?

Yes, by law any CCTV monitoring needs to have a sign informing the public of this. Secure 24 will install a sign that will inform all member’s that the gym is live monitored. This will not only comply with the law but will act as a great deterrent from any unauthorised access or theft.

Can I split the set-up cost payments?

Yes, set-up cost can be split into several months. The minimum monthly instalments are equal to the monthly monitoring price you have selected following the setup. If your gym is having 8 cameras monitored for £800 per month, the cost of set-up can be split to a minimum monthly payment of £800 per month. We would only install equipment following the full payment. The first monthly payment will be taken as a non-refundable deposit. You can book a date for installation and monitoring following the first payment.

Is there a minimum contract?

Yes, 5 months.

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